Meet the Team

Meet the Team
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Ashley Dearling

Owner and Occupational Therapist

Ashley graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) with a BSc. Occupational Therapy degree in 2013. She completed her community service year at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital. Working in a multidisciplinary team, Ashley had the opportunity to treat people with neurological and psychiatric conditions, and fabricating pressure garments for patients with burns. Ashley then joined a pediatric private practice, called ADDnova OT, in Johannesburg where her passion for working with clients with Sensory Integration difficulties was discovered.  Here she commenced her Sensory Integration training through SAISI, attended Meg Faure’s Infant Sensory Integration Training course and became certified in the Wilbarger Therapressure Brushing Protocol for children and adults with Sensory Defensiveness.

In September 2015, Ashley joined Kerry Evetts Occupational Therapy in Ballito and found her love for school-based Occupational Therapy, working in close collaboration with teachers to help each child overcome their challenges and reach their full potential. Additionally, she loves working closely with parents and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to better understand what makes their child “tick” and how to help them soar. Ashley strongly believes it takes a village to raise a child and that when teachers, therapists and parents work together as a team, there is very little that cannot be achieved. Two years after joining Kerry Evetts Occupational Therapy, Ashley was promoted to Senior Occupational Therapist.

In January 2018, with the founding of Evetts and Dearling Occupational Therapy, Ashley began running the practice. Whilst Ashley loves the variety that comes with being an Occupational Therapist, she particularly enjoys helping people across the lifespan overcome their sensory challenges to lead fulfilling and productive lives. As a result, she not only treats children, but also offers sensory assessments and therapy to adults. When not at work, Ashley enjoys relaxing and unwinding by watching Series, spending quality time with the people she loves, reading and going on cake dates with her best friend.

Ashley’s mantra in life is “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” –Marc Anthony, and this is why she feels blessed to be an Occupational Therapist.

Tahlita Sparg

Occupational Therapist

Tahlita, more affectionately known as Tilly, graduated from UKZN in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Thereafter she moved to rural KZN to complete her Community Service year at St. Apollinaris Hospital, where she treated premature babies, young children, adolescents and adults with a variety of diagnoses. Here she discovered her passion for children with special needs and learnt a great deal about Sensory Integration, NDT (Neurodevelopmental Therapy) and treating premature babies. Tilly loves the little things about being an Occupational Therapist, like the small successes and improvements one notices and loves that the more you learn, the more you can have a positive impact and influence on people’s lives. Whilst Tilly enjoys working with all children, she has a passion for addressing and treating those with sensory processing, postural control and fine motor difficulties. Tilly is currently busy with her Sensory Integration training through SAISI. When Tilly isn’t working she enjoys mountain biking, nature walks, water sports, playing with her dogs, and competing in dog shows.

Tilly’s favourite quote by Kid President, Robby Novak is “Sure there’s bad stuff in the world, but there’s also YOU. You can be anything that you want today; so be bold, be kind, be awesome. Repeat. It’s like shampoo, but with your life!”

Tarryn Carey

Occupational Therapist

Tarryn obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN). In her community service year, she gained a great deal of experience working with children with Autism, learning difficulties and developmental delays, as well as with those who had suffered from strokes and brain injuries. Before joining Evetts & Dearling Occupational Therapists Tarryn worked at a Neuro Rehabilitation Hospital treating people with a variety of neurological related conditions. Tarryn loves being a part of a profession that encourages creativity. She is excited by OT’s unique ability to use the activities that are most important to people as the basis and end goal of therapy. What she loves, and finds the most rewarding, is when she starts to see results from the hard work that the individual and therapist have collectively put in. Tarryn is passionate about working on people’s ability to learn or relearn how to connect with their environment, their inner strengths and have fun while doing it. She gets excited when she sees a child catch up to his peers, feel of equal worth and understood for perhaps the first time ever. Tarryn is passionate about working with all children, but has a particular interest in helping children with neurological conditions flourish.

Gugu Makhathini


Gugu, our very friendly receptionist, has been with us for 6 years. Gugu epitomizes our practice’s philosophy that with hard work, determination and commitment you will be successful. Gugu joined us in 2012 as a cleaner and since mid-2017, has taken on the role of Receptionist, managing the practice to its high standards of organisation and professionalism. Having grown within the practice, Gugu strives to improve herself and recently completed a computer course in her free time. Gugu loves spending time with her 3 children, Musa, Sphumelele and Lindokuhle, and going to church and beach.