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At Evetts & Dearling Occupational Therapists we are passionate about helping individuals with the following difficulties to live happy, fulfilling and productive lives:
  • Sensory Processing difficulties

  • Learning difficulties

  • Developmental delays

  • Gross and fine motor difficulties

  • Motor planning and coordination difficulties

  • Visual perceptual difficulties

  • Scholastic difficulties

  • Handwriting difficulties


  • Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and other syndromes

  • Psychiatric conditions e.g. Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Bipolar Mood Disorders and Depression

Paediatric OT Assessments

At Evetts and Dearling Occupational Therapists, we offer comprehensive assessments of a child’s sensory processing, postural control, motor planning and sequencing, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual perception and activities of daily living. We use a variety of standardized and non-standardized assessments which are selected based on age and the reason for referral to identify a child’s unique strengths as well as the areas requiring intervention. The first 20 -30 minutes of the assessment is spent in a parent interview where pertinent background information regarding birth, medical, social, family and scholastic history is obtained, after which the remaining time is spent engaging with, getting to know, and assessing the child. A classroom observation is also recommended for the therapist to gain a better understanding of a child’s performance and engagement in the classroom.

Paediatric OT Treatment

Following the assessment, our therapists create an individualised Occupational Therapy plan for each child based on the areas requiring intervention identified during the assessment, and in line with the parents’ and the child’s goals. Our Occupational Therapists ensure they use each child’s passions and areas of strength, to address those areas that require development, whilst ensuring that each child also experiences success. Whilst the number and duration of sessions weekly varies from child to child, we generally recommend one or two 30 minute or 45-minute session/s weekly. This recommendation will however depend on each child’s age and the areas of difficulty identified during the assessment. Continuous assessment of each child occurs during their therapy sessions, and the therapy plan is adjusted as progress is made and goals are achieved. Sessions are carried out at our practice in Ballito as well as at some local schools including Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast, Crawford Preparatory North Coast, Dolphin Coast Pre-Primary and Village-Kidz

Joint OT and Speech & Language Therapy

Joint OT and Speech & Language therapy sessions are available for those children who have been identified to require both OT and Speech Therapy. These 45-minute therapy sessions involve both an OT and Speech Therapist simultaneously working with a child to meet their OT, Speech Therapy, Developmental and Social goals.

Block/Intensive OT treatment

Block/intensive Occupational Therapy sessions are available during school holidays for those who either live too far way to travel through to the practice weekly, or for those parents who would like to give their child’s therapy progress a boost. Block therapy usually involves 3-5 sessions per week for 1-3 weeks, depending on each child’s needs and therapy goals. Block therapy is particularly useful for those who want to complete the therapy process quickly as high intensity, high frequency has been proven to be very effective.

Adolescent & Adult Sensory Processing Assessments and Therapy

At Evetts and Dearling Occupational Therapists, we realize that not all individuals received Occupational Therapy as children and that “sensory children” grow into “sensory adolescents” and “sensory adults”. We therefore offer Sensory Processing Assessments to both adolescents and adults to identify an individual’s unique sensory profile and the impact these could be having on their daily life. Thereafter we work in collaboration and alongside each person to put strategies in place to assist them overcoming their sensory difficulties so that they can lead fulfilling, happy and productive lives.

Teacher and Parent training workshops

As we are passionate about working collaboratively alongside teachers and parents to assist each client reach their potential, we offer teacher and parent training workshops, the topics of which are identified by the parents or teachers with whom we work. Some of the topics discussed have included: Normal Childhood Development and How to identify possible Developmental Red-flags, Sensory Processing Difficulties in the Classroom and Poor Core Strength and the impact thereof. The goals of our workshops are to assist parents and teachers in better understanding some of the difficulties children are facing, and how to support and help them both at home and in the classroom. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your workshop/training requirements.

Infant Massage Classes

We offer both individual and group infant massage classes, carried out by an Internationally Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and Occupational Therapist. These classes are for babies from new-born to 1 years old and their parents or primary caregiver. Five weekly interactive sessions of 1 ½ to 2 hours allow parents the opportunity to learn safe and positive ways to touch their babies, ask questions pertaining to their baby’s development, learn more about baby related topics e.g. normal crying vs. colic, Tummy-Time and its benefits, the benefits of massage etc., meet other like-minded parents who are also keen to know more about nurturing touch and learn special massage techniques to address colic, gas and wind as well as teething pain and discomfort.