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“I just wanted to take the opportunity to record both my, and Michelle’s, sincere thanks and appreciation for the work you have done with our Son over the past two and a half years.

That time has spanned from Grade00 through to the end of Grade1 and if there was a box that could be ticked at the end of that period – then it would most surely be ticked.

I think one of the absolute key elements you bring to the party – in addition to your very obvious skill set – is your boundless enthusiasm, positivity, patience and a rigid adherence to achieving one goal at a time before moving on to the next. That last attribute in many ways is a defining one for you, because it embraces all that is vital in an exceptional Occupational Therapist – there are no shortcuts to total achievement.”

The issues that needed to be worked on were approached with due thought, study and care – but what really stood out for us was the fact that you got him to buy in to the programme – on all different levels and at different times during that fairly long period – to such an extent that he actually looked forward to his sessions with you and got upset when an arrangement was postponed for whatever reason. Given his character, that particular achievement speaks volumes to your ability to assess accurately, and then take measured steps to overcome a particular issue, but in particular your passion for what you do and your ability to connect, deeply, with your patient.

I also appreciated your independence of thought and willingness to take up issues with his teacher when you thought there was unfair or unbalanced perception – particularly evident in one year especially – and your interventions in the classroom undoubtedly speeded up his adjustment process, and rounded out the whole approach. You bought into his life……he was not just a number to be attended to – and for that we are eternally grateful.

You have been the single most influential external source of encouragement and positivity on our family’s journey with this little guy – and achieved that while being totally honest with us at every stage along the way, including where there were bumps in the road.

I know you grew to love the little person he is – know also that it is returned from him.

There are very, very few people in this World that I would give an unequivocal endorsement to – you are one of them.

We wish you every success going forward in your expanded business environment – it is massively deserved.

In conclusion, I am always available for a phone contact if anyone needs further clarification on what has been written above.”

Shaun & Michelle Blake