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“I just wanted to take the opportunity to record both my, and Michelle’s, sincere thanks and appreciation for the work you have done with our Son over the past two and a half years.

That time has spanned from Grade00 through to the end of Grade1 and if there was a box that could be ticked at the end of that period – then it would most surely be ticked.

I think one of the absolute key elements you bring to the party – in addition to your very obvious skill set – is your boundless enthusiasm, positivity, patience and a rigid adherence to achieving one goal at a time before moving on to the next. That last attribute in many ways is a defining one for you, because it embraces all that is vital in an exceptional Occupational Therapist – there are no shortcuts to total achievement.”

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Shaun & Michelle Blake

“We would like to share our experience with Ashley Dearling over the last year with regards to the therapy she has given our son.

We found that Ashley went way beyond what was expected and required in the year-long therapy she administered to our son. Her level of expertise and commitment and enthusiasm she showed at all times and in all aspects of the Occupational Therapy sessions was exceptional.

Ashley’s communication and feedback to us as parents was invaluable, and the professional manner in which she approached the Occupational Therapy was a tribute to her as a person and a professional. We can only strongly recommend her to anyone considering Occupational Therapy for their children, and we have no hesitation in saying we have the utmost confidence in her abilities, professional conduct and commitment.”

Layne & Diane Byerley

“We had the pleasure of meeting Ashley in 2017. As daunting as OT and the OT process seemed, Ashley quickly changed any fears. Weekly visits for our daughter were more like a playdate and huge changes developed by using simple techniques. I strongly believe that OT brings out little treasures in each child that enhance skills they already had whilst correcting bad habits in the process. We are really blessed to have had Ashley in this journey with us!”

Tammy Govender

“Ashley Dearling was my daughters OT for most of her grade 2 year, and she absolutely loved every session! She made such a difference and we are still in contact as she shows such passion towards my child. I send her updates and school reports as she is so dedicated to keeping her little clients on track with progress! Highly recommend this practice!”

Lisa De Beer

“Ashley Dearling is that rare combination of expertise and heart. She is a gifted occupational therapist who challenges children to be the best that they can be and she truly cares about each individual within the family unit. Ashley just “gets” my son and he loves his sessions, even though she pushes him out his comfort zone. Ashley is a sensory smart OT who understands how sensory issues affect kids at home and school, and offers invaluable guidance. Thank you Ashley for all that you do.”

Charlaine Stott

“I do not have the words to thank Ashley and Tilly for the amazing and incredible job they have done working with my son. The leaps and bounds he has made, thanks to you Ashley, is not only because of the skills you have taught him but also the love and care and making the sessions so much fun. Thank you for not only caring for my son but for me as well. Evetts & Dearling, thank you does not seem enough.”

Cindy Lurie

“Ashley is exceptional. Right from the start she made myself and my little one feel at ease. Her sessions brought about quick results which you notice right away. She is constantly updating you as the parent. Her care and professionalism will always be admired by myself. I would recommend Evetts & Dearling to all parents who want their little ones in a safe environment and where they know that they are definitely receiving the necessary program to deal with each specific problem. Ashley, for me, deserves 100 stars… And my daughter concurs.”

Savera Singh-Kalopdeo

“The Occupational Therapists are phenomenal, passionate, caring & very supportive at Evetts & Dearling.  They made a HUGE difference in our lives, especially my daughter’s. As a mom, to see how she is shining now after all the love, care & work the Therapists poured into their sessions with her, I am deeply grateful to Katey, Ashley & Tahlita.”

Barbara Clark